We invite you to join a trip to one of the most unique cities in the world –Moscow! During the one week of the trip you will visit all the famous tourist attractions, see the Red Square and Kremlin and meet a group of other international fellow travelers who will share the experience with you!

20_0Moscow is one of the biggest cities which has 15 million inhabitants! Moscow is the city with some of the largest contrasts – between poor and rich, between skyscrapers and buildings which are few hundred years old. You have heard a lot about Russia and Moscow from news and books – time to visit it yourself and make own conclusions!
The participants will be offered accommodation in the unique venue – a Russian house in Moscow with fire place, gym and other facilities! Great time guaranteed!


Join us for the trip to Moscow! Gain amazing experience, meet great people in one of the most famous and at the same time – the most unknown city in the world – Moscow!