The organizer of the trip is Stichting Libertas International – the youth international organization based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. We organize projects for young people to give them opportunities to visit other countries and learn more about their culture.

We are actively working with Russian youth organizations and organize projects for Russian youth in the Netherlands. In addition to those we have also projects in Russia where we take young people from EU countries for a visit. What we want to show through those projects that Russia and EU have much more in common than people are used to think. We often perceive Russia through the differences it has. However, what we want to achieve with our projects in Russia is to show that Russia and Russian youth share a lot in common with Europe and European youth.
Our programs give young people the opportunities to visit other countries and make own conclusions about the country, instead of only judging the country by books and stories from other people. We hope this program in Moscow that we organize will give young people from different countries the opportunity to visit Moscow, to see Russia and receive own impression of the country and its people, despite of the image that media creates for Russia today.