We will provide you a visa invitation and with this invitation you will need to go to the Russian Consulate and apply for a visa. Usually EU-citizens need to pay the fee of 35 euro, in some cases the visa might be given for free. For non-EU citizens the visa fee is usually 60 euro.
Please note – if you apply for a visa not directly to the Russian Consulate but, for example, to visa center, travel agency or through other organizations – there might be additional commission of those organizations in addition to a visa fee. We recommend you to apply directly to the Russian Consulate to avoid extra charges.
In the most of cases you will need to make the appointment in advance in order to apply for a Russian visa. In some cases the appointment need to be done well in advance – 1-2 month in advance. We recommend to contact the closest Russian Consulate as soon as possible to make the appointment.

In order to apply for a Russian visa you will need an invitation (which we will provide), passport which will be valid at least 6 months after the trip (please note that ID-card is not sufficient – you will need to have the passport), passport size photos, filled application form (it is available on the web-site of the Consulate) and some other documents. The exact list of other documents, which will be needed might be different depending on the country where you apply for a visa. It might include, the insurance, the insurance for the period of your stay in Russia. Please check the exact list of all the documents you will need on the website of the Consulate. And of course – if you checked the website and have questions – let us know! We will be happy to help you preparing documents correctly!