The participants will arrive on Sunday. They will be met at the airport and driven to the accommodation. During the following days they will be accompanied by an English speaking guide.

Each of the days the participants will have breakfast in the house and after the breakfast will be pick up by the comfortable minibus. The minibus will take the group together with the guide to various places in the city and in the evening will bring the group back to the house.


The program for each day will be the following:

MONDAY Exploring City Center; Gorkiy park.
The group together with the guide will explore the city center and visit the most popular tourist attractions. Among the places to visit are: Arbat street (the old artistic street), Jesus the Savior Church, Tverskaya Street and a lot more.
After the city center the group will be driven to Gorkiy park – the beautiful place full of young people.
TUESDAY Red Square, GUM, Kremlin, Mausoleum, Okhotniy Ryad
The participants will come to the Red Square where they can see the famous Basilica. They will be offered to visit Mausoleum where the body of Lenin is. The group will be offered to visit GUM – the most famous shopping center of Soviet times.
Then the group will go to the Kremlin and visit some of the museums of the Kremlin.
After the program at the Kremlin, participants will be accompanies to Okhotniy Ryad – a huge underground shopping center near the Red Square.
WEDNESDAY VDNKH, Kolomenskoe Park
VDNKH is one of the most important places for the economy during the Soviet Union which used to be the exhibition of all the achievements of the Soviet economy. Today it still keeps the spirit of Soviet Times.
Kolomenskoe Park is the place to see old Russian churches in the typical Russian style.
THURSDAY Tretyakov Gallery, Center, Moscow City.
Tretyakov Gallery is one of the biggest galleries in Russia and the biggest gallery in Moscow which has the collection of the world’s most known artists and of course – the most famous Russian artists.
The Tretyakov gallery is in the city center so after the visit we will have a walk in the city center and then drive to Moscow City.
Moscow City is the new business area with the largest skyscrapers of Moscow.
FRIDAY Pushkin Museum, Mega.
Pushkin Museum is one of largest art museums of Russia. We will visit it and see the collection.
After the museum we will drive to Mega – a shopping center outside of the city center. One of the largest shopping centers in Europe – the size is about 157 000
SATURDAY The group will be taken to the city center and left there for the whole day. So we do not plan any additional activities for this day – every participants can decide what she/he wants to do. In the evening minibus will pick up the group in the agreed place and drive them to the house.

On Sunday the minibus will take participants to the airport for their flights.

The above is the expected program for the trip. However, each trip will be organized for the small number of participants (up to 14). And as we will be with a small group we can be pretty flexible. Therefore if participants have some own requests and would like to visit the places which are not in the program – we will try to accommodate the requests as much as we can!